Great Expectations

Great expectations, the famous novel by Charles Dickens was produced as a movie first in 1934 and then 9 times more. Such a powerful novel that each screenplay emphasize on certain aspects of the novel. IMDB describes the story as 'A humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor.' In the simplest form, that's what it is but so much more can be derived by looking in to the hearts of the characters. The basic plot of a country side boy coming to the city with great hopes and dreams have been even used in Sinhala cinema to the extent that the plot is overly hacked. Still the depth brought in by the cast to its character would always be different.

As an example Holliday or Estella, the lady figure brought to resemble what Ms. Havisham couldn't be sets the tone of the character perfectly. This classic romantic attempt of bringing to life these characters ever loved have not been in vain.

Something more to the movie...

Do you think the plot of this movie can be fact or is it entirely fictional?

Would you help a strange man like Pip did?  Would you be so grateful as Magwitch for such a small deed?

Would you except Pip back if you were Joe, even after Pip left him all alone leaving the life of a blacksmith? This reminds us of the biblical story the prodigal son, who left his father for worldly riches but was accepted back with open arms when the world failed him.

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