Gangster Squad

Do you know how it is life when a king ping and his gang is ruling your town? When the rule of law does not exist but the law is a man himself. Where no one dares to stand up against the tide in fear of being drowned by it. Gangster Squad, the name says it all, is a group with a ex war hero leading them did exactly what everyone dared to do. Yes, there was death in store for them but in the end those who were on the right side won the war.

We have our doubts whether Emma Stone fits the bill but the rest sure does. Its exciting with a lot of characters blending together to bring to life the real atmosphere, like you were just there caught in the gun fire. It will be exciting to go through the hand picking of the team and amazingly funny on how each of them are so different to each other. Its a great plot with the right mix of action.